Yul Edochie’s 2nd Wife Opened Up On Sex, Marriage & Relationship

One of the most trending names in the entertainment space right now is a Nollywood actress known as Judy Austin.

After being pronounced by Yul Edochie as his second wife, having bore him a son, she became probably the most hated woman by her fellow womenfolk who see her as a home-breaker.

Little or nothing is known about this woman who many would agree is beautiful. But who is Judy Austin?

In January of 2020, she had a brief interview with Potpourri which was published on January 17, 2020. In the interview Judy opened up on sex, marriage and relationship.

At least, it was a peek into the personality of the so-called mystery woman many have come to love to hate.

“We all have different opinions on sex, marriage and relationship. As for me, marriage is not an achievement, it’s something good though, a union between two people that love each other, it’s a wonderful thing, it’s a thing to have and cherish.

But in this world now, a lot of people marry for  money, fame, connection and even Instagram. It’s crazy, you see someone getting married to someone because they know they will gain popularity, best wedding planner, the best dresses etc, nobody is thinking of the marriage itself, it’s all about the posting, the comments, the views and likes.

To me, it’s a blessing to marry someone because you love, someone you can build with, who can encourage you and stand by you, other than that, I don’t see marriage as an achievement,” she told Potpourri on marriage.

Concerning sex and relatioship, Judy said, “ I don’t believe in jumping from one man to the other. I’m a relationship kind of person. I believe in having someone, a man that you do this thing with, not giving it out to all men that cross your path.

On relationship, I love relationships, it’s how I’m created. If a relationship doesn’t work out for you, you can decide to break up and get hooked again or give yourself a break.

Relationship is not all about sex or emotional things. I love to have normal relationships with intellectual people, people you can learn from. So any relationship with the right person is a welcome idea.”

Of course, something must have clicked for Yul and Judy. Yul could have decided to marry her because from the foregoing it does appear Judy isn’t a one night stand or a fair weather kind of woman.

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