Instagram To Launch ‘Use Template’: This New Feature Will Make Creating Reels A Lot Easier

Soon making a Reel on Instagram will become easier than it is currently as fresh reports suggest that the tech giant is currently working on new tools for the app.

According to a report in Business Insider, the Meta-owned platform is currently working on a new editing feature that will allow users to replicate the editing cuts and formatting for a Reel with their own photos and video clips.

The reported feature will be called ‘Use Template’ and is currently being tested on a small group of users. Instagram’s this fresh update comes as a move to compete with TikTok, a short-form video creating platform.

The feature was launched for a beta test run around March this year.

How Will This New Feature Work?
If you have seen a Reel on Instagram, you’d know that its a short video which runs on a music or a voice over while pictures or videos or both play on screen.

But it’s also slightly tricky, as for Reels to be a success on Instagram and look more presentable, users need to match their image or video to the time stamp of the sound.

And ‘Use Template’ feature will do that work for you. Yes, according to reports, the upcoming feature allows user to replace the clips with their own content while the feature automatically matches the time stamp of the template.

This new Instagram feature will surely be a hit amongst content creators and could also give TikTok run for its money.

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