DJ Cuppy Downgrades Kanye West, Names Her World Richest Black Man

Looks Like DJ Cuppy has once again ignored the phrase “Don’t start what you can’t finish”.

On the 16th of January,  the controversial Disc jockey hopped on Twitter to reveal that American rapper, Kanye West isn’t the Richest Black Man in the world.

According to Cuppy, she is a big fan of Kanye West, but she feels the need to remind him that he is not the “Richest Black Man” like Forbes claims.

Cuppy informed her followers that the Richest Black is her Godfather, Aliko Dangote and she would love it if they accord him the respect he deserves.

It would be a cold day in hell if social media users don’t drag Cuppy after making that bold claim.

But this time, instead of dragging her physical features, they commented that Cuppy is obviously on cheap drugs.

Others revealed that they don’t have the money for a lawsuit and they see no need to correct Cuppy that  “Kanye West is the Richest Black Man in the World” and her Godfather is the Richest Black Man in Africa.

Read their comments below;

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