NPHCDA Reveals How To Detect Workers With Fake COVID Vaccination Cards

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has disclosed that random checks to “assess antibody titre” will be conducted to ensure that civil servants do not procure COVID vaccination cards “fraudulently”.

This was disclosed on Monday by Faisal Shauib, NPHCDA executive director at the media briefing of the presidential steering committee (PSC) on COVID.

The COVID vaccine offers support to the body in terms of production of antibodies – proteins produced in the blood which are responsible for fighting infections.

An antibody titre is a type of test that shows how much antibodies are present in a person’s blood.

According to him, from December 1, all civil servants employed by the federal government would be required to present their vaccination cards or negative COVID test results before they can access their offices.

“I would like to remind all federal government employees that starting from December 1st, 2021, they would be required to show evidence of being vaccinated against COVID-19, or a negative PCR result done within 72 hours before being allowed into their offices,” he said.

“To further ease access to COVID-19 vaccines by government employees, we have also commenced office-to-office vaccination in federal ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

What this simply means is that employees who are yet to be vaccinated will find a vaccination site around their offices to register and get vaccinated. This will help in preventing the excuse of having to leave their place of employment to a distant vaccination site.

“We would like to also state that, from time to time, civil servants will be picked at random to check or assess their COVID-19 antibody titre to detect persons who may have fraudulently acquired the vaccination cards without vaccination.

“Anyone who has been found to have fraudulently obtained the vaccination card without vaccination would be handed over to the law enforcement authorities. The vaccines are free and are available at sites close to you.

“We have also engaged and are collaborating with the Nigerian military, police and the para-military institutions in the establishment of mass vaccination sites in their locations around the country. We will also be assisting with the deployment of our vaccination teams to all sites identified by these institutions.”

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