FirstBank’s FirstSME Account Continues To Support The Growth Of SMEs

Small Medium Enterprises are ultimate drivers of the economy, and when they are under-utilized and not given the much-needed support to thrive, it has an overriding effect on the overall growth and development of a Nation.

In demonstration of FirstBank’s continuous commitment to the growth and development of businesses, the Bank launched the ‘’FirstSME account’’ which creates an atmosphere for SMEs to build, grow and scale their businesses at zero charges.

FirstSME account is FirstBank’s value proposition geared towards building the capacity of SMEs to deliver business goals and contribute even more significantly to national development.

Being woven into the fabric of the society for close to 127 years means that FirstBank remains at the forefront of providing the desired financial products and services to meet the needs unique to customers as well as facilitating the requisite tools and resources to efficiently and effectively drive business sustainability and expansion strategies essential to taking individuals and SMEs to the next level.

It is well known that the key strength of the FirstBank franchise is the ability to look at the gaps in the society and develop products and services that address those gaps. It is therefore not surprising that the premier banking giant has driven the growth of the SMEs initiative much more vigorously than any other bank in Nigeria.

The FirstSME account further reinforces the Bank’s role in putting SMEs at an advantage whilst they contribute to national growth and development.

Launched in August 2020, the FirstSME accounts comes in 2 variants; Classic and Deluxe and it is targeted at all non-individual entities like Limited Liability Companies, Public sector institutions, Enterprises/Sole proprietorships, Partnerships & Associations, Religious Bodies, Traders, NGOs.

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