How Squid Game Actress And BLACKPINK Star Became Besties

Squid Game’s breakout star Hoyeon Jung and Kpop supergroup, BLACKPINK’s Jennie are friendship goals. The two besties are simply adorable together.

You might think it’s out of nowhere they became friends or they have nothing in common but that is not true. They met through a mutual friend, Jennie’s stylist at a Chanel show in Paris.

However, the two really hit it off when Hoyeon attended a BLACKPINK concert in New York. They two really bonded over their similar ages, fashion, and being in similar industries in South Korea. Since then the two have been inseparable.

Jennie supported Hoyeon’s decision to become an actress on top of being a model. She went the crew a coffee truck and posted about the show on her Instagram. Hoyeon is very grateful for her and called her an angel.

They also visited a music festival, where Hoyeon took an adorable picture of Jennie eating ramen. They visited nature together with Hoyeon photographing Jennie and writing “beautiful girl”. Hoyeon also brought her friends to support Jennie at BLACKPINK Global World Tour. The two has also shopped together.

Did it come to a surprise to you that Squid Game and BLACKPINK had a connection? Was it the crossover we always wanted but we didn’t know we needed? Have you watched Squid Game? Are you a fan of BLACKPINK? Let us know in the comments! For more videos like this one and the latest in pop culture, don’t forget to like and subscribe to The Things Celebrity.

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