15 Rules Cardi B Made Her Kids Follow

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture and her new baby with rapper Offset will have lots of strict rules to follow while growing up!

The WAP rapper and Grammy winner is raising her kids with some lessons she learned from her mom and grandma growing up! Cardi plans on being a strict parent, not letting her daughter and new baby have sleepovers with their friends or stay out late.

Cardi and Offset also want to instill the responsibility and importance of family! Cardi wants her daughter to stay humble and visit grandma in the Bronx while also taking her role as “big sister” seriously!

Cardi also lets the kids have a little fun and makes sure they have everything they want and need. Since she grew up with a low-income family, Cardi gives her kids everything she never had.

We love seeing Cardi flourish as a mom of two and can’t wait to see what’s in store for little Kulture and Cardi’s new baby!

Cardi B is taking a lot of the lessons she learned from her own parents and grandparents to raise her kids.

So how will Cardi and Offset’s two kids like all these rules? What do you think about Cardi’s parenting rules for Kulture and their new baby?

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