365Article: 7 Signs That Your Long Distance Relationship Is Bad And Not Advisable [Must Read]

A relationship is dependent on trust especially when it comes to a long distance relationship, it needs more emotional commitment and trust than a regular one. This is one aspect on which many relationships fall flat. The physical distance in many relationships creates an emotional void. Is your relation also heading towards that? Here are some signs to help you see some hidden dangers in your love paradise.

1. Frequent arguments.

Every couple fights once in a while, but you can feel a difference when it is not just a normal fight. Frequent arguments, especially on matters that never created problems between you before, should trigger an alert in your mind.

2. Dramatic changes in communication.

You might suddenly find your partner talking to you in an unusual manner. He or she need not be outright rude, but it is the indifference that is actually worse. If you find your partner making too many excuses about not finding time to talk to you, it is time you get a signal.

3. One-sided effort.

Right from the ‘Good morning’ message to that ‘Good night call’, are you always the first one to text or call? Your partner is online, but never makes a first attempt to ping or respond to your chat. Well, all these are clear signs of differences in priorities! It is best to talk to your partner about it, because there might be some other reason or a problem that could be troubling them. However, if she/he constantly avoids such discussions then it may be a signal that your garden is no longer so rosy.

4. Stopped sharing.

If your partner stops sharing things with you, behaves secretive, or stops calling you with those adorable nicknames then its time to churn those rational wheels of your mind.

5. The good friend talk.

If you suddenly find your partner talking more like ‘just a good friend’, expect something wrong. The journey from good friends to lovers is great, but the journey backwards is miserable.

6. No more future talks.

Another thing that should alert you is a sudden stop to those love-able future talks that you used to have with your partner. If your partner has begun to avoid such talks with you, then may be he or she is no more interested to have a future with you.

7. More an obligation than wish.

This is one question you should ask yourself. Is there a ‘have to’ or ‘should’ that comes in your mind every time you make a call to your partner? There are times when you might not realize but your actions can move you away from your partner. Talking to the person, we love, can never be like a chore or a part of your daily ‘to-do-list’.

When your wish to hear his/her voice becomes an obligation, you better understand that your paradise is in deep trouble! Finally, believe your instincts. There are times in a long-distance relationship when nothing in particular is wrong yet you feel that something is not right. Do not avoid such instances.

At the same time you would want to make sure that you are not over reacting. It can be just a bad day, so make sure you read the signs right. And go for a final conclusion only after a detailed analysis of the situation and after talking and consulting people close to you and your partner. This will help you to understand your partner’s situation really well and get a clear picture.

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