365Article: 3 Good Tips On How to Make Love To Your Life Partner And Enjoy The Good Fun Of It [Must Read]

Having sex is more fun when you’re doing that with your life partner or with the one you personally love or have a very close intimacy with.

I this afternoon penned down another new Article just for young or maybe old lovers out there who would like to enjoy there time alone with their partner either they just met or they have been together for a longer time or even less.

1. Go to shower before going to bed with him or her;

The first tip on how to enjoy your romantic relationship with him or her is to make time to shower before going to bed with him or her cos I think this will create a clean and peaceful environment for both of you and will definitely allow the flow together.

2. Make out very well before doing the sex thing together;

You both should make time out like going into a deep romance before having the real sex that will lead to a deep orgasm that you both will feel and enjoy.

3. Never say bye in a Chase away manner after having sex with your life partner;

Saying bye in a Chase away manner after having sex with your partner is a turn off to some men and women out there nowadays and I don’t advice this for younger couples out there as this is somehow disrespectful to your partner.

Saying bye in a welcome back way is respectful and this is welcoming him or her back for you just in case you want to have the fun more over and over again with out getting tired of each other.

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