365ARTICLE: 5 Ways To Handle Fame And Fortune Wisely [Must Read]

Good day everyone, today I decided to put down an article about handling fame and fortune when it arises, first of all what is fame, fame is an unmerited opportunity given by God to some chosen  set of people which make them know by people for the certain things they do and knows how to do well in their various field of work.

It may range from good speech, boldness, education wise, behavior and so on.

Now what is fortune, fortune are the goodies that comes along with being famous and know for in what you know how to do best, fortune in other word can mean wealth, successful life, good living and so on, name it.

Below are the 5 ways I’m noting down today on how to handle fame and fortune because to those that have it, I must tell you that some never expected it or saw it coming, it is determined by God the creator of the universe to introduce the next to the world.

When the fame and fortune arrives, some start to misbehave and start acting like they are God, doing wrong things that are not called for and later make them lose the value and respect they earlier gained from the society.

The 5 guides below can see you through in the journey of life when things start to get rosy for you and in your day to day living, this will help you start well and end well with good integrity. It might not be easy but if tried will see you through the trials and common issues famous people go through each and every day of their life.

1. Never respond to your angry fans and critics in a harsh manner.

The first thing to watch out for in a famous and fortunate lifestyle are the critics and pissed off fans, you can’t escape that and the truth is if you don’t have critics, you can’t get the required strength, more fame and more fortune.

Critics should only make you much stronger and determined, they will talk about your bad sides, flaws, mistakes, imperfection but that shouldn’t get you angry and make you talk back in a bad way, you should be moderate and cautious in your replies.

Your harsh replies will only make them point out the only bad things you say to them and not the good ones, and one bitter truth is that they made you who you are indirectly if you understand.

2. Always direct all the praises showered on you back to God.

Most of your fans and lovers will praise and hail you for the great things you do when they were happy for the fortune you got from it but I must tell you that not all really wish you well, some wanted to shut you down with the sweet and flattering words from their mouth.

They will even pray for more success for you but deep inside they meant bad for you, so don’t feel too big or great by their sweet words but instead give all the glory back to the creator that made it all possible and that will help you get more and more from the real giver.

3. Stay humble and say no to pride.

No matter how famous and fortunate you get, some set of people have had more of it than you in the past and are now gone, fame and fortunes is all about its rise and fall.

Most famous and fortunate people of the past has risen and fall because of the bad act called “Pride”.

It’s doesn’t deduct 1 Naira from your worth or reduce your level of importance in life when you stay humble but gives you the more respect you need to see you through.

Also note that advising you to stay humble doesn’t mean you should be of Low Self Esteem and make people treat you the way they like. There is a very clear difference between humility and having low self esteem.

4. Start a foundation that donates and give out to the less privileged people.

Donating and giving out to those that lack and not up to standard in the society is very good and helps a lot, start a foundation or charity home in your name, it’s not a bad idea and always remember that blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes.

If the almighty gave you the excess of fame and fortune you prayed or worked for, he wants you to also give out to others, don’t be selfish maybe because of what you went through before time, through giving, more blessings and open doors is guaranteed, you will keep flourishing and basking more in success pool.

5. Never forget God your creator both when things are going good or bad.

There is a truth saying that says “Nothing happens in this world without God’s fore knowledge of it” and not just a leave will drop on a tree without God knowing about it.

Everything that happens in this life is already known and planned by God. He already knows you and what you are coming to do even before you are conceived by your mother.

Everything is made possible by God, your famous life, fortune, riches and all the good things you have is given and approved by Him only and that is one good reason why you should always pray and be thankful to him, when it’s good, it’s God, when the going gets wrong, still God. Don’t forget your God when your star becomes shining, fame is just an illusion that will fade away with time but your creator and your good deeds with stay forever.

Give adequate praises to Him everyday, find some good time from your tight schedule to worship and pray to God every day and through that, He will never fail you.

Article Written By: Tony Oyetunji

Twitter & Instagram: @Tony_Oyetunji

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