365Article: 3 Good Ways On How To Drink Carefully And Not Behave In Involuntary Ways [Must Read]

Drinking is the act of taking alcoholic liquid contents in an excessive way which might lead to involuntary actions like raping a woman that is not yours or not in the mood and with this your reputation and character can be jeopardized.

The various companies that deals with alcohol sales varying from different brands and products have warned not to drink and consume to excess leading to the causes listed above.

However, your life span could get shortened and you can even die prematurely if you did not follow this rules guiding the drinking industry.

1. Ask the buyer if its your money or theirs.

If you ponder very well on this point then you will see that its right, visiting any joint, club, bar or any place where liquor or alcoholic content is sold notified the owner that you came to get their content which was purchased from the wholesaler or the company which produced it and that tells them you came with money.

Now, the contents you came to get which the seller shows you are not for free as the company paid for them, now you will have to ask the person that invited or call you if the bills paid after drinking is on you or the person that invited you as it is not funny and you can even die there as it is not your money.

2. Don’t drink in excess as this may lead to shame if you got drunk.

The person that invited you already knows you’re coming and even know your gauge and this may lead to fight if you take more than he already planned.

However, drinking in excess might cause you to vomit and this can be shameful in the place you’re invited so drinking in a responsible manner will not cause you any shame.

3. Bring your money also, drink what you can afford with your money and know your limit.

According to DRINKiQ.com, it has been noted there that the content of each drink you take has an alcoholic content which varies in percentage.

The bottled drink, sachet and the plastic drinks varies in size and content and the price also is different judging with what you can afford or checking your pocket.

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